Astro Research EP

Liquid DNB

Geography of origin puts a way-up impact on his music, making it highly distinctive and out of the beaten path of all the trends. Creating in various subgenres of drum’n’bass, NEO-GEO brings in psychedelic touch and mood, no matter whether it’s liquidfunk, atmospheric, neurofunk or explosive mix of different styles. 6 tracks of his “Astro Research EP” make it a mini album. Each tune is filled with musical diversity making no chance to get bored. Jazzy rollers, tribal percussions, tons of multiple and fabulous electronic sounds, separate jungle elements, echoes of neurosound, live instruments samples such as flute, trumpet and other brass instruments. Each track stands out with its uniqueness, at the same time, containing melodica and different extent of psychedelic touch. The release will grab true melomaniacs and unorthodox drum’n’bass lovers.

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