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Producing and remixing music of a variety of genres including trance, electro breakbeat and liquid drum and bass jungle since ’99 under the titles Humego Cosmic and JuffShroom, NEO-GEO is the logical progression of over 20 years exploration into underground bass music, jazz funk fusion, and sound design. 

NEO-GEO is fast and spacey energetic Drum and Bass with liquid leaning tendencies fusing traditional organic jazz elements with twisted psychedelic synthetic textures. Taking thick and tight upfront jungle breaks, and serving over a pumping sub bass underbelly.

Known for smooth and soulful liquid DNB sessions through to Neurofunk and Tech-Step mashups these days. DJ Sets usually evolve from good vibe rollers into higher energy tech, grit, and funk. Taking a listener on a journey across the multiple spectrums of sound that is Drum and Bass.

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