judochOp! began his journey as a dj in 1998. Inspired by the turntablist movement of the 90’s, he began learning the fundamentals of scratching and record digging. Shortly after, he began collecting the baddest jungle dub plates ever pressed and throwing underground drum&bass shows with his crew La’Resistance. Over the next 5 years his crew went on full attack in the d&b scene in the midwest. Entering battle competitions, becoming a resident dj, and a solid go to opener for international headliners such as Aphrodite, Dj Craze, Capitol J, Dieselboy, BBoy3000, Bad Boy Bill, Wu-Tang Clan, Dj Odi, Tech Itch, Bailey, Mad Dem Sound, General Malice, Tester, Direct Feed, Enduser, Suv, DjSS, Drumsound&Bassline, Saxon,Sumone, Jahba,Scottfro, Danny the Wildchild, Phantom 45, Binary Star, Squarepusher, Soundmurderer, Ray Upton, SpikeyTee and Sage. JudochOp ended up relocating from Michigan to Phoenix in 04 and keep it pushing on his own, taking notice to the ragga-jungle scene worldwide. And that notice landed him in the Owned Clothing crew. That signing pushed him to crank out a ridiculous mixtape catalogue, to this day he has over 200 mixtapes, covering all styles of d&b floating around the internet.
Right now judochOp! is still pushing the boundaries of what can be done with combining turntablism and drum&bass, from vinyl to digital platforms. He currently runs Melt drum and bass in Phoenix Arizona, where he strives to give a solid place for d&b to exist and to fight the war against commercial “bass music”. Tune for Tune, skill for skill, he will never be afraid to step into the arena and test any soundly who thinks they be bad, cause they ain’t the baddest till they stepped to the chOp!
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